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  • Originally posted by Youki-Hi View Post
    Oh dear, I'm always mean to Simon. I'm like "Ewww...I hate your flasher coat. I hope you don't mind if I burn it when we're living together" and "Mank, you smell gross. Go have a shower" or "Right, go shave you look like a teenager". And he's done it to me, like when we went on an 80's pub crawl with a load of friends he was like "you look really stupid" And I've got this little flimsy top that only ever goes under strappy tops. He once wanted to see what it looked like in just the flimsy top and he went "ewww....yeah...put your clothes back on."

    I think it just shows that we love each other even though the rose tinted glasses aren't there.
    Haha I'm like that, always calling mine a twat or whatever and scolding him when he farts. I bet anyone who doesn't know me who reads the comments I leave on his fb think I'm a right bitch!


    • His friends think it's sweet when we bicker and hit each other in public.

      I just hate all that soppy PDA type "I wuv you" "I wuv you more" stuff. It works for some people but it's not me. The first time anyone said they loved me (boyfriends, not family) I said "No you don't." It was awkward.


      • Aha we're like that in public, it's more along the lines of 'I hate you.' 'I hate you too.'


        • Originally posted by Youki-Hi View Post
          His friends think it's sweet when we bicker and hit each other in public.

          I just hate all that soppy PDA type "I wuv you" "I wuv you more" stuff. It works for some people but it's not me. The first time anyone said they loved me (boyfriends, not family) I said "No you don't." It was awkward.
          That's actually pretty humorous.

          I feel bad. Last night me and Brandon went drinking at my friend's house and got really wasted. All the walk back I kept telling him how I wanted to please him when we got back (I'm on my period so I cannot receive) and when we got there he started to undress me and I just ended up telling him I couldn't move and was passing out.
          I didn't want it to happen, but I was just so beyond gone.
          I just apologized now and he's just been calling me a jerk haha.


          • Originally posted by Youki-Hi View Post
            His friends think it's sweet when we bicker and hit each other in public.

            I just hate all that soppy PDA type "I wuv you" "I wuv you more" stuff. It works for some people but it's not me. The first time anyone said they loved me (boyfriends, not family) I said "No you don't." It was awkward.
            Heh I save the soppiness for home, means people won't be reaching for the sick bag haha.

            I worry that our friends see us as one person now. I knew all of our mutual rock soc friends before Robin (aside from the ones who were there when he was at uni, but none of them ever come out anymore) and if anyone wants to get hold of us they just ask me whether we're both busy to do anything :s.


            • i'm horrible all the time, public or not! i have far too many issues i think! x


              • That's not true


                • Do I want to start talking about frickin relationships..
                  I was with this girl called rachel for in total over 1 year 3 months, after about 11 months we got engaged. We had a chat before deciding it was the route to go. We decided we were both ready.. to take steps into life together.

                  As teenagers. I was 14 and a half when we first got together, she was just turned 16. We slept together alot, but this didn't rule our relationship at first. Over time... it became an addiction. I realised where this was going, I had a chat with her about it.. ruling our relationship and we basically needed it to survive.
                  After this chat, we agree'd that we shouldn't have sex so often. Focus on making it work rather than playing.

                  We got engaged, made the day very special to both of us and we both loved it, one day.. I decided to take an unexpected visit to her house. See how she was doing as it was the day after her mums aniversery of death (7 years on).
                  I knocked on the door and rung the doorbell, there was no answer, but I heard.. noises inside. I opened the letter box to get a clearer sound, and.. it sounded like intercourse.
                  I thought I'd wait till it quietened down and tried again. Still no answer, I felt as if I was being ignored. I checked to see if the door was open and it was, and went inside, and caught Rachel having a threesome.

                  Little did I know, she had been sleeping around since I said that we shouldn't have sex so often. Clearly she was addicted to it and kept it a secret from me.

                  I don't mess with cheaters.
                  Before knowing this, I know we were young, and it was early still in the relationship. Though considering people have babies after days of being with each other.. I thought I took an appropiate route.

                  I've always wanted to be a proud parent, of a boy, girl, or a deformed child. I did not mind, I'd do anything for my kids and I made sure Rachel knew I would try my all hardest careless on my age.

                  We spoke about money situations, how we'd cope, etc. We both wanted kids with each other, just.. never thought about the right time. We decided that it was right to do so. There was doubts in it, not every couple plans a baby knowing 100% if it'd work out, there's always stress and complications involved.

                  We tried for a baby, first time was a miscarriage, we were both distrought, and tried again. This time .. a miscarriage never happened from what I knew.

                  Then I found out about her cheating all along.. then I questioned.. would this baby actually be mine? I started to worry a bit.. because I'd always wanted to be a parent. I started to build ways to cope if it wasn't mine and she lied.
                  I knew after doing that, I'd have to find out. I asked Rachel if the baby was mine. She said "No, I took a test well before we took off the condom. I have been having unprotected sex, and I know damn well the baby is Richards"

                  I wasn't standing for this, It was harder to cope than I thought, though.. the only solution was to say "Bye" Get rid of Rachel, and never to go back to her again. Never to think about her, and to just move on. This has been a long haul.
                  I miss her, I keep seeing her in my dreams, I hear voices from her. Though I've never actually heard real contact from her since March 2009.

                  I'm just waiting for the right one who doesn't lie, cheat, or hurt on purpose, if they did to own up with a full apology and show care.

                  mm. I know I'm young for all that, but I felt it was the right choices to take. I felt wrong... I didn't know Rachel enough to get into deepness of life with her.

                  I've kind of got an issue about all this though.. Before and during I got with her, people use to fancy me, not just 1 or 2, but talking about loads..
                  After breaking up with her, it all stopped.. I'm wondering whether its everything thats happened, had an impact on me, and how I acted towards people. I've lost all my friends since Rachel too... even though she never knew most of my friends.

                  Kind of seeking a bit of help on the subject really.. I'm starting to feel so negative about myself.. I just.. feel like I made the wrong choices, and just.. turned my life into its grave.
                  I know to stay strong, never give up. Giving up gets you no where. Though It's hard to do it alone!

                  I know this isn't a dating website, but if there was someone who's interested, distance, appearance doesn't matter to me. It's the inside and if the love was true and strong enough, you can get through anything.
                  Thats my opinion anyway.

                  Okay thanks for reading... I'm sure you don't want to listen to me waffle on about my sad stories.

                  Time to think about happy times..


                  • well that was an essay...........................x


                    • I read that wall of text..
                      You wanted to have a child when you were only 15 ? :/


                      • I read the wall of text also...but there were too many "wtf?!" moments to quote and question them all.

                        And so that this post isn't totally irrelevant, Danny and I still haven't gotten to celebrate our anniversary because we've both had such ridiculously busy schedules these past 2 weeks. Hopefully this week we can go out and celebrate.


                        • Your main problem "irresistible" is you're not interested in the girls, just in their baby making equipment. Chillax, you're 16.

                          Went out last night on a hen do. It's mental, so many people my age seem to be tying the knot. Simon has a new phone but he doesn't seem to know how to use it. I was feeling quite lonely and sending him quite a few texts and he didn't reply to a single one. Then on the way back to someone's house with a few bottles of wine and munchies these guys came up to us. They couldn't get into a club because they weren't with girls and so offered to pay for us to get in to just walk straight out again if we wanted. So we did, it was lots of fun and they were really sweet guys. I wish we'd stayed out with them! I just kind of felt a bit like unless I'm there I don't have a boyfriend because he never really communicates between visits, and I'm not single so I can't do the going out, having fun, snogging a random bloke who lives in a different city type of evening. Not that I'd choose that over Simon...I guess I'm just feeling a bit stressed.


                          • Tbh sounds like a troll.


                            • Originally posted by Scarred_pierced View Post
                              Tbh sounds like a troll.
                              Agreed. 'I want a baby, a girl, a boy or a deformed one' wtf :/ Showing his age a bit there, silly boy.


                              • I just wanna know how people have babies within days of being with each other.