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    Originally posted by snicky View Post
    I'm well happy cuz I got meself a new boyfriend just now... johnny. he's like... OMG YEYYEYE!!
    and I basically NEED to say it to everyoneee! xD
    *dies of happyness overdose*
    that even possible?

    Owww Congrats! Good to have some positive relashionship talk Hope you are very happy togther


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      Originally posted by Foostar View Post
      Do tell us all about him

      well... his name's johnny, he's one year older than I am, so 16, and he's like...

      REALLY SWEET! treats me like a princess, literally (wich is something I never had with tiago, so it just makes me soo happy to actually have someone that cares for me. )
      he really worries about me, if I'm ok, if I'm happy...
      we were like... for the last 48 hours. when we started he was like 'give me 48 hours for me to really decide wether to move on or not? cuz I know how you suffered with your last boyfriend, and I don't wanna hurt you...' . I think that's really sweet
      He's REALLY different from me... but I love him

      he's REALLY cute and REALLY REALLY phitttttt *.* *drools*
      niceeeeeeeeee body, gourgeous smile... cute way of talking. ^^ awwz

      I could go on and on and on and on.... and on... and on...



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        awwww Snicky glad to see you happy again congrats on finding such a man! lol


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          hehe... wanna see how cute he is???

          this is him -->

          PS: and that's our friend joana - not me obv.! xD
          PPS: and his hair is longer now... like... a bit... tis cute ^^


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            Ohoh nice Does he like the new nostril?


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              he's not into piercings and stuff... he's not really into my kinda style - as I said, we're tottally different.
              but he supports me. he's proud that I am what I am, and that I don't care about other peoples opinions, and he admires me for it.


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                aww that's awesome Snicky, congrats


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                  Cute snicky, and sounds like a sweetie


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                    That grand Its good to be different, a lot more to talk about I think!


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                      Aw he seems lovely Snicky You deserve someone who'll look out for you.


                      Us... my soulmate, better half, that git who knows all my secrets...

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                        Thats a really nice picture Bus i think? haha You look gorgeoua together, really happy


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                          I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years now, and I can't help but wonder if things are right between us.
                          It's so weird.

                          Twice now we've split up - with him initiating it because he goes through these stages where he just goes all weird, like he doesn't know what he wants and thinks that by breaking up with me it'll help sort things out in his head. Then literally the next day he regrets it and begs for me back.

                          So we get back together and I just tell him he needs to talk to me because when he bottles things up he goes stupid.

                          The thing is, he's so laid back, last week we saw each other on the sunday, then didn't see each other again til this Tuesday. I went out on Saturday with my friend (who he doesn't like because he thinks something went on with us - which it didn't) and he went out with his friends and we ended up in the same place but I didn't go up and talk to him because he hadn't actually told me he was going there so I thought well he's obviously going to think I'm checking up on him because I'd already seen his mates and I assumed they would tell him that they had seen me and I'd seen them. But then when I saw him Tuesday he was asking millions of questions, just because he was jealous that I was with this friend of mine. Then when I mentioned that I'd seen him he was like 'oh, why didn't you come and talk to me?' and I said because he was with his friends and i was with mine - that's his usual attitude so I stuck to it myself. I thought if I went up to him he'd think I was going to stick with them all night. he goes from one extreme to the other - not caring to being upset that I didn't go over to him! He knew I was there and he didn't seem too fazed so whats the difference? I was also annoyed because i felt like he had avoided texting to tell me where he was going in case I turned up - although as it turns out I was there already.

                          He's told me before that he used to think I'd sometimes turn up in a place where he was with his friends to like check up on him or something - which was never the case because I always just went where my friends went, but another time he actually admitted he had turned up somewhere that I went because he thought I was with another guy (this same friend of mine).

                          I found out the first time he split up with me was because he had cheated on me and was partly out of guilt, I went mental, called him all the names under the sun, etc etc.
                          We still ended up back together.

                          The thing that really gets to me is that when he's trying to win me over he's like the perfect boyfriend, but once we're settled again he goes cool.
                          As I already said, he's really laid back and when we didn't see each other for this week, I said to him does it even bother you that we've not seen each other for over a week? And he said I don't know, I thought it was nice to just do our own thing for a few days, I thought you would too.

                          Part of the reason why we didn't see each other was because I had a ton of Uni work due on the Friday - but that leaves the weekend does it not?

                          I think he's pretty much a loner as well, he'd happily go home from work and do a whole lot of time wasting all night and not even cross his mind to ring me or one of his friends. so because of that I feel like it's always me who asks to see him. Then he seems to think that I'm really dependant on him, which i'm not because I go out with my mates all the time but at the moment he doesn't go out at all, apart from going on 'dates' with me.

                          Last time we got back together we said we'd take it slowly, as if we were starting again from the beginning, but to me that was hard because we'd already been together 3 years. It had also freaked him out because he started thinking about marriage, reckons because we've been together nearly 3 years why shouldn't we get engaged? And broke up with me because he couldn't see us getting married - although that was quite a different story last time we broke up. Then we got back together because he realised he's an idiot. I said to him why the hell are you thinking about getting engaged? You're obviously not ready to do it, so why do you think you HAVE to think about it just because we've been together nearly 3 years? Things will be totally different when he actually IS ready for marriage.

                          Sorry for the stupidly long post, I guess i just had to get a few things out, I just don't know what to do anymore, at the moment we're texting as usual, but I just feel like I'm making all the effort. He's not even very affectionate, unless he's trying to win me over, and then says it's because it doesn't come naturally to him, and I just said well that's the case for most people but they try!

                          Why do I have to have such a laid back boyfriend? I look at other couples and just wish he'd do spontaneous things like turn up at my house to take me out or whatever, but he's just not romantic.

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                            Honestly, how do you feel about him?

                            A friend said this to me when I was going through trouble with my boyfriend - think 5 years ahead and imagine nothing in your relationship has changed on HIS side. Could you stand 5 years of that?


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                              Thats the thing, I love him and I do want to be with him. If that wasn't the case I'd have ended it long ago.

                              I've been putting up with this kind of thing pretty much throughout our whole relationship, because he's always been a weirdo as far as I'm concerned. It's like he just doesn't know how to handle being in a serious relationship, he's 21 and I'm his first proper girlfriend so it's like he thinks he can still act the way he did when he didn't have a girlfriend to think about. He's selfish, but just not on purpose.

                              As for another 5 years...I don't know - I've stood nearly 3 though...oh god.


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                                It's like he just doesn't know how to handle being in a serious relationship, he's 21 and I'm his first proper girlfriend so it's like he thinks he can still act the way he did when he didn't have a girlfriend to think about. He's selfish, but just not on purpose.
                                That sounds a bit familiar...

                                Maybe he'll grow out of it - I hope he does, for your sake. It's not nice being in a relationship where it's all give on your side and he's just taking.

                                I think marriage scares my boyfriend a lot, even though he doesn't admit it. We're engaged and happy with that, I just don't think he'll be ready to move on from that stage for a long time, and as a whole I'm happy with that, but now and again I do think 'but.... wedding plans?'. I don't think he realises that weddings take planning and money, and he thinks we'll sort it all one weekend.