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bioplast labret studs

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  • bioplast labret studs

    just wondered if
    A) these were suitable to be cut down
    B) they were suitable for my nose?

    atm and since i had it done ive been wearing normal earrings complete with butterfly studs in my nose (as i have both sides done) and havent had any problems except for the fact that i suffer from awful hayfever and cant blow my nose! i have worn full metal labret studs through my nose before but the balls were just too huge, whereas the ends on these look okay. i dont tend to take my studs out of my nose so theylle be okay once theyre in- no worries about threading the bar, which leads me to my third question
    C) are they sturdy?
    im not going to accidentally rip the stud off am i?



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    *cringes* earring in nostril - OW!

    Well, yeah, get those out for starters - that can't be good for you - wrong metal and horrible studs that collect bacteria.

    Bioplast can be cut down yeh if you get the stems - but the studs come in different size options, ....bioplast is one of the best things you can use in piercings along with ptfe and titanium. Labret studs are suitable for your nose (as long as you have the right gauge) - especially when you take into consideration what you've got in now!

    Labret studs won't come out of your nose because they have a screw on ball...they're sturdier and also much safer then earring studs. Nostril screws (rather than pins) are good too - and available in many colours and materials.

    Did you get your nose done with a gun? How long have you had them done?
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      So what guage is your nose piercing?
      1mm - There are good quality nose studs available, or micro nose studs which are like mini labret studs
      1.2mm - A few nose studs and labret studs with small balls available
      1.6mm - Caviar or internally threaded labret studs with tiny balls available

      So you really don't need to use earrings instead. Having said that, I had my nose pierced with an earring (I knew no better!). But like quotidianaubergine said, the bioplast labret studs will work, are better than earrings, and can be cut to size.


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        well ive had the left hand side done for nearly 4 years, the right hand side for best part of a year. both were gunned and ive always worn earrings in them. ive never had any problems apart from blowing my nose lol

        theyre solid silver bog standard earring sizes... erm about 1mm i would guess.

        as to not being good, my mums had both sides of her nose done for 20 years and has never worn anything but normal earrings in hers, and has never had problems. we both have them forward-er than normal. there was a trend to pierce them further back a few years ago, but i had them done in the same place as mums...ill try and include a pic

        i know its an awful pic lol it was done on webcam... yeah me n mum both have ours there, same on both sides. i cant use nose screws, i dont like the sensation of them on the inside of my nose. im just sick of the scar tissue i have building up on my septum (i think thats it) and the nosebleeds everytime i blow my nose, and like the idea of a flat surface inside my nose.

        like i said i have used the metal labret bars in my nose, but couldnt do the ball up tight enough, and kept losing it.


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          Even though you keep saying you and your mum have had no probs with the earrings - it doesn't matter, you easily could have! Infection, stabbing the inside of your nose, scar tissue and bumps from being gunned...tons of problems. You've been incredibly lucky I tell ya!

          EDIT: I didn't know there was a "trend" to have the piercing far back...i thought they were just done where you wanted them! I don't know how they'd have got a gun far back anyway!!!
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