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  • BJS explained.

    There was, unfortunately, nobody from BJS commenting on all of the general queries posts because the previous owners basically never went on the forum. I am now here to help (when I can) as are the moderators although they are not members of staff and help run the forum out of the kindness of their hearts so they too, like you guys have been baffled about what was happening to BJS.
    Firstly, I apologise for the poor service you people have been getting.

    Just before Christmas 2012, there was a decision made by the owners to move the warehouse to Gibraltar. It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time but we soon learnt that it wasn't a good move when customers began to get items missing from their orders and receiving a lot of incorrect products. This still happens occasionally, we are human, but when you order a BCR you don't expect to receive a belly bar.
    Most of the stock is now back in the U.K. Not all of it though, so some orders sent out from Gibraltar are still missing some items. If this happens, contact us, or PM me and we will rectify the problem as soon as physically possible. I am now receiving spreadsheets from the manager in Gibraltar stating which order is missing an item and we can then get it shipped from the U.K. Only 5% of the orders are being sent from there
    which isn't very many at all thanks to the amount of orders we still receive.

    There were some people complaining about ID checks. There's a really easy way around this.
    Place your order under the correct billing address.
    Your credit/debit card is registered to a certain name and address. Use it. You can have the goods delivered to anywhere you like but the name and address that your card is registered to needs to be placed into the billing address section. If you're using a family members card with their permission, use their name and address and have it delivered to your address. If you don't then it will be processed as a high risk order. Not by us, by your bank. We receive over 100 orders a week that are blatant fraud. If you do receive a verification email then it is us trying to protect that card from fraudsters, it really isn't to wind you guys up.

    Out of stock items.
    We were let down badly by a regular supplier of ours also just before Christmas 2012. We stopped using them and are gradually looking at other manufacturers to create those products again for us. Tribal dream rings, for example, were very popular but trying to find someone that will make them for us is proving to be very difficult. The chances are that they will never be available again but we still show them on the site in the hope that we can find a supplier. The previous owners used to have every product showing as 'always in stock'. This was a ridiculous way to run things. Fair enough, you could order whatever you wanted, but what is the point if you are going to have to wait a month without being told about it? This may still happen on the odd occasion as we can't guarantee all of the time that the stock figure is exact.
    We will try to notify you as soon as possible by email but we are now more likely to remove it from your order and refund the cost of that product to ensure the rest of your order is sent out without delay.

    Shipping times.
    The website does explain that your order should be with you within two to three days. Once it leaves our warehouse it is in the hands of Royal Mail. Obviously when the stock was in Gibraltar this wasn't announced properly and orders were taking a long time to get delivered. With most of it back, you should now receive the order from the U.K within the specified time. This will not always happen though and it really isn't down to us. Like I say, it's in the hands of Royal Mail. I know it's infuriating but there really is very little we can do until the 15 working days. We will then look into it with the postal service and see what can be done. It isn't worth contacting Katt at the office and being rude to her as it isn't her fault. Everybody at some point has had a delivery take ages to arrive, whether it's a birthday card or gig tickets or anything really. Unfortunately that's life. We haven't placed your order on the back of a snail and sent it on its merry way to your house.

    I'm letting you know now that there will be a slight disruption in about 2 weeks time when we move our warehouse. It will probably be on a Thursday and a Friday and we aim to cause as little disruption as possible but I'll try and let you know exactly when that happens. It may result in some orders placed on the Wednesday being dispatched on the Friday.

    I hope I've explained a few things. I've tried to be honest here so don't shoot me down.
    Any major problems then please feel free to PM me but don't just have a go at me because when things go wrong I'm not happy about it either.

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    Thanks Fil, this is really helpful and it's great to be kept so informed.

    As for delivery times, I had someone send me something Royal Mail 1st Class on the 9th and it got to me today, 6 days! They can be a nightmare at times!

    Hope the warehouse move goes well


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      Cheers Hazel. If there's anything else that people want explaining that I've missed off, then I'll add to the post when required.


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        So under new management who then started drop shipping from another country >> Tax Fiddle or trying to lower costs? sorry if i sound rude, all i want is my order.


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          Originally posted by peterborough View Post
          So under new management who then started drop shipping from another country >> Tax Fiddle or trying to lower costs? sorry if i sound rude, all i want is my order.
          As suggested before, you'd be better off contacting the shop directly or PM-ing Fil who can pass on the message to the shop for you.



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            Dave, this issue with your order will be sorted tomorrow. It was hardly a tax fiddle as it cost a lot of money shipping goods to Gibraltar and then most of it back again. It was a good idea at the time but just didn't work out as we'd hoped.


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              People may receive the odd out of stock over the next few days regarding some old items that were stuck over in Gibraltar. Rather than taking them off the site they will still be visible and able to buy but they are currently on a journey back to our UK warehouse and should be here by next wednesday 18th Dec. It doesn't apply to many products but mainly Wildcat picture plugs and a bit of PMMA stock.
              If anyone does receive an out of stock email then just get back to us if you want a replacement or removal.
              The good news is that we'll no longer ship your orders from Gibraltar. It's all now from the UK.