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***Site problem***

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  • ***Site problem***

    Sadly we have been hacked over the past week. It seems that if you click on the link for "Forum" at the top of the page it will redirect you elsewhere.

    Try to avoid doing this, the "New Posts" link seems to work ok.

    I alerted admin to this over the weekend as only senior admin/site owner can fix something like this.

    Thanks for your patience and I will keep you updated.

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    Bump. And back to normal now. An explanation regarding this will be made tomorrow. Sorry it took so long but they picked a great time to do it whilst we were moving.


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      Thanks for the update Fil


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        Am closing this thread and an announcement will be made by Fil in due course.

        If any members have any queries please feel free to ask a mod or admin.



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          We've near enough got this under control


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            Just a quick update...
            The hack was down to V Bulletin. Please don't think that this was a Body Jewellery Shop hack as I can clearly state that it wasn't. All BJS members accounts are secure and there is no way of people finding out credit card details as we do not store them anywhere. The forum was hacked and over the next few weeks we will be keeping a very close eye on things. We strongly recommend that our current users change their log in passwords just to be on the safe side but we do not actually think that these were accessed. I will have a further explanation as soon as possible. In the meantime, there will be no new members allowed to join until we are happy that any threat is eliminated. Sorry for all the hassle that has happened recently and thanks for being patient over the last few days. Feel free to PM me if you have any further worries.


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              The forum is going off line in a few minutes for an upgrade!!!!


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                Upgrade looks like it's worked without any problems as we're all still posting. Any problems then please let me know. Hopefully we can have a safe forum again now.