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Lots of New Products coming for 2012! This month Fake Ear Plugs!

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  • Lots of New Products coming for 2012! This month Fake Ear Plugs!

    We have a number of new products coming in 2012.

    We will be posting here every month and links to some great new products so watch this space.

    The Latest link here will show you all the latest items we have launched.

    This month we have launched over 30 FAKE Ear plugs. With another 20 coming this week.

    More posts on some new products in the next few days!

    BJS Admin Team.

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    It's great you're getting some new stuff! Hope the thread with our suggestions has helped.

    Are fake plugs really that popular? I see a lot of shops keep adding them...I mean it's okay and all, but some new actual plugs (20mm+!) would be really great


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      Yeah it would be lovely to see some of the actual suggestions added to the store. Along with getting things in stock (6mm orange kaos earskins been out of stock for months on end for example). Thanks for the update though, not sure how popular fake plugs are, do you sell many?


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        Hi, yes fake sell well I am afraid! It is a new phase, i guess people want to see what it is like before they make the jump!

        Don't worry though, we have some new ones coming for you. here is a link to some larger sizes we just added today! up to 50mm.

        Over 100 new products (not just colours) coming over the next couple of weeks too. Watch this space will post them all here, before we post on FaceBook!

        BJS Admin Team.


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          Coo exciting stuffs and thank you for replying