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UKAPP - why so few registered piercers?

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  • UKAPP - why so few registered piercers?

    I have been searching the UKAPP website for members and there appears to be very few people in the UK registered (unless I am doing something wrong). Why is this? Do people belong to other schemes instead? Is UKAPP pointless?


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    It's very new, I don't know of any other schemes. Plus there are a lot of not so professional piercers out there who can't meet the standards the UKAPP require so couldn't even join if they wanted to. The rest either can't afford to bring their standards up to the requirements, don't want to or they meet it but don't want to have the benefits of being part of the UKAPP.

    Organisations such as this take a long time to gain traction and members. The UKAPP only really took off around 2-3 years ago whereas the APP has been around for about 25 years and has around 600 members in the US. If you consider the population of the US is around 5 times larger than the UK this would equate to around 120 members for the UK. We only have 15 right now however after 20 years or so it may reach that 120 figure! Many piercers meet the UKAPP standards and attend conference each year, they just don't pay the specific membership fee that allows them to state they are UKAPP registered.


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      Cool. Thanks for the response.

      Did you used used to be “hazel” on here?


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        Yes I did, I changed my username due to having a stalker.