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  • Stretching medusa diary

    I've had my medusa piercing for about three or four years and recently I'd been playing with the idea of stretching it. I searched around on here and couldn't find any experiences of stretching lip piercings. Unless I just didn't look hard enough.
    So I thought I'd share my (rather slow) experience.

    My piercing was done to 1.2mm, so I decided the first logical step would be 1.6mm. I know you can buy lip stretching kits but they're more on the pricey side so I wanted to see if I could at least do the first couple of stretches with barbells (I find a ball on the back of my medusa more comfy than a flat back for some reason).

    Once I got my barbell, I soaked my lip with hot water and massaged some oil into it. Then I carefully put it through. It went through more easily than I expected. The middle of my lip felt a tiny bit sore and tight but that wore off after a couple of days. The soreness could in part have been from stupidly ordering an externally threaded bar, so the next one I order will be internally threaded.

    I'm not setting a timescale for how often I'll stretch, I'll see how it feels. I'm going to actually exercise some patience for a change and not rush things, but if I feel my lip is ready in a few weeks I'll go for the next size, which will be 2mm.