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Oh No Not another septum Piercing Diary ? Afraid So folks !

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  • Oh No Not another septum Piercing Diary ? Afraid So folks !

    Hi Guy's & Gal's,

    As of 10.30am this morning I'm now a fully fledged member of the Septum club !

    I met a young lass whilst out picking up a click & collect parcel from my local Argos yesterday, she served me & I noticed she had a septum piercing. I told her I was thinking of getting mine pierced & she asked me if I had a studio in mind ? I said I wasn't sure so she recommended her piercer. I rang up the studio as soon as I got home to make an appointment for today, the receptionist told me that they didn't make appointments for piercings as they treat them as walk in's. We agreed a time for today & she said Trini the piercer would be expecting me in the morning, Her studio is in Sudbury in Suffolk so only around a 30 minute drive for me.

    I was able to park for free on market hill which was great ! Trini's studio was only a minutes walk away, talk about convenient ! I was a little early so waited outside for the studio to open, as you would expect the receptionist arrived first & opened up the shop so I took a seat in the waiting area. Shortly afterwards Trini arrived & introduced herself, we discussed the piercing type & placement. I mentioned that for work I would need to flip it up out of the way to hide it from view, trini said this was not a problem & she would fit a horseshoe rather than a ring. But she said as I need to flip it up it was best to start with a 14g 1.6mm piece of jewelry as this size would heal best if it required flipping up & down a fair bit, I was hoping to go a minimum of 8g 3mm but went with Trini's advice. She showed me 10mm dia & a 12mm dia horseshoes in 14g with small or larger balls (the balls on the 10mm were smaller than on the 12) I decided I prefered the look of the 12mm with the larger balls, Trini then prepared the piercing studio & called me in. She explained the procedure to me & made sure I was both happy to go ahead & understood what she was about to do.

    She asked me to lay down on the piercing table, after she had cleaned the inside of my nose & put some cream on the area to be pierced to numb it a little. It took a couple of goes to get the clamp positioned, this was mainly because I found the clamp to be quite painful once placed. When she was happy with the final placement she warned me it was about to happen, the actual piercing was for me less painful than the clamp itself ! I was relieved to have the clamp removed ! Trini then asked me to sit up & take a minute before she placed the jewelry, I didn't feel her fitting the horseshoe at all. Initially I bled quite a bit. But I put this down to the medications I'm on for my high blood pressure, Trini kept cleaning it with some cotton wool dipped in something ? & fairly quickly the bleeding stopped. Trini then asked me to get up & come over to the mirror to look at my new piercing, she was happy with it & I have to say I think it looks great so I was happy as well !

    Trini then explained to me how to flip it up & how to look after it, she said to ring up or drop in anytime if I have any issues at all or want to upsize the jewelry after its healed properly ! She advised me not to play with it too much & not to swap out the jewelry until the piercing has properly healed !

    It was then time to go & pay, I was also given an aftercare sheet which having now read seems very comprehensive.

    My overall experience of having my septum pierced is so far pretty good !

    I was very impressed with Trini at Illustrated Primate Tattoos & would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a piercing in the Suffolk area, I will be returning at some point to get my tongue pierced but probably not until my septum has fully healed.

    So that's day one Folk's !
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    Congratulations and welcome to the Septum club!!!! I like reading everyones difference experience with their piercings cause everyon does it different. Happy healing!!!


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      Thanks Brit Renee, I'm so looking forward to showing this off as & when its appropriate to do so ? So that's whenever I'm not at work or I just want too !


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        Hahaha, I can't believe it, so many septum piercing diaries lately, and my piercing studio is offering a 30% discount for septum piercing procedure in July! Guess what I'm thinking now!

        Awful, I have to choose one of all the piercings I am thinking of, and it gets so difficult!

        I appreciate all these diaries, please keep updating us.


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          I used to hide mine at work. People stopped telling to to flip it so I wear it out and proud. I also work overnights so only my coworkers and mainlu patients see me.


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            I do need to hide mine at work as some of our clients might not like it !
            I can also think of other situations where it will also be advantageous !


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              Quick update !

              Day one pm, I have just cleaned my septum piercing for the first time !

              I prepared a sea salt mix of warm but boiled water using Maldon sea salt, I dipped cotton buds into it & cleaned around the inside of both nostrils. Some dried blood residue came out of both sides but no fresh blood, so I take that as a good sign ?

              Other than a small amount of stinging from each side of the piercing all seems well enough, with the horseshoe still flipped up I must admit I'm noticing it a bit harder to breath through my nose at present ! Perhaps that's because of the larger balls on each end of the horseshoe causing a bit of a restriction ?

              It will be interesting to see if this feeling subsides over the next few days ?


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                Forgot to mention there's also the slightly odd sensation of having something up my nose that wasn't there before !

                The balls are resting on the insides of my nostrils & tickling which also feels a little odd, but is a nice sensation & constant reminder of my newest piercing !


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                  Tonight will be an interesting night for me as it will be the first time I try sleeping after my piercing, wheres the issue with that I hear you ask ?

                  Well as I have sleep apnea I have to sleep with a mask on, its connected to a machine which pumps air into my nose & mouth all night & is currently set to deliver 14 litres of air a minute !

                  I'm putting off going to bed at present !

                  Wish me luck !


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                    Breaking News !

                    Morning 1 Day 2 !

                    Well despite having a mask on my face all last night I slept very well indeed, my new pearcing having caused me No issues whatsoever. There doesn't seem to have been any seepage at all, I was expecting some issues but to say I'm surprised there were none is an understatement !

                    I'm just waiting for my sea salt solution to cool down enough to give my new piercing its first clean of the day, at this moment in time it has remained flipped up & may stay this way until Sunday ?


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                      Congratulations! Happy healing.


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                        Congrats! I found it one of my easiest to heal ever.


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                          Congrats hun and welcome to the septum club

                          Never expected it to be one I'd join tbh but I also kept seeing people with them and it just got me wanting one.

                          You'll get frustrated that you have to have it flipped up at work - i do. It means you can vary your look though.

                          Happy healing


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                            Thanks for your supportive comments peeps, just eating my lunch which today is a chiken & mayo sarnie but i'm finding it difficult to breath through my nose whilst eating with my mouth shut ! Theres something I never thought of ! That will be down to the 12mm dia horseshoe which had larger balls, its bound to cause a restriction when flipped up I guess ?

                            Also when I carefully cleaned around the piercing this morning there was very little to see on the cotton buds, I have a good feeling about this one !
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                              Originally posted by Miss Fi View Post

                              Never expected it to be one I'd join tbh but I also kept seeing people with them and it just got me wanting one.
                              Same here. We'll see where it's going to lead!

                              These days I've been reading a lot about septum piercings and the more I think of it, the more it seems just perfect. Edgy enough, beautiful too, with a possibility of very different looks, together with the possibility of flipping it up. Sounds very tempting.