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What's that in your Tragus?! (Daily updated with pictures)

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  • What's that in your Tragus?! (Daily updated with pictures)


    On Monday I got a new piercing (gift from my dear), because my last one healed fine (vch) and while I was waiting for my appointment (my piercer only takes booked appointments) I was thinking if I should get a tragus piercing or dual lobes.

    I told my dear that since my piercer has -20% off all piercings in the last week of the year I should get two regular lobe piercings instead of one (since he agreed to pay for one first). But then I did some math and realized that with the discount there's only 8€ of difference between 2x lobes or 1x tragus (2x lobes = normally 40€, 1 tragus = 50€ and with discount the two lobes are 32€ and tragus 40€).
    He was first against it, but after a while gave in. YAY!
    And the best part? I got some massive discount at the end, resulting in the final price being 30€. Ah-mazing.

    Anyway when I got to my piercer I wasn't nervous at all. I mean it's just ears right? xD I know that other cartilage hurts like a bi*ch, and that some people said that tragus can also hurt..

    So when I got to my piercer I had to wait for a couple of minutes because the girl before me had her d. anchor removed. That's why my piercer told to her trainee (well she was her trainee, now she works there as a piercer) to prepare everything and that the ex trainee will do my tragus. Oh, alright.

    We picked the jewellery together (the ball) and then she went and prepared everything. I saw her taking fresh (unpacked) needles, clamps and so on. She sat me down in the chair and talked me through the process. I still wasn't nervous!
    She marked the place, took the clamps and told me to inhale and exhale. I told her just to do it and not tell me about it, lol. :P When she said to do what she says because this way it won't be as painful. Oh well..
    I must say that I didn't feel any pain. At all. It was weird. I felt some discomfort, but no pain. Even when she took the needle out and replaced it with a barbell. When she told me to inhale and exhale I felt the adrenalin rush (got a bit scared at that point), but when I realized I can't feel a thing I relaxed again.
    She used a 8mm barbell with 3mm balls on both ends. 8mm because of some possible swelling, so after 14 days I have to go back to check it out and maybe change it to a shorter one. Or the change will happen later, I'm not sure.

    So the piercing wasn't painful at all, and after it I got the happiness kick!

    The pictures part !
    I picked a gorgeous black ball with green/turquoise gems on it. Covered with Epoxy if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure it's from wildcat as my other gem was (vch).

    I asked my piercer how's that she used a ball at the other end instead of a labret, and she told me that labrets gain dirt that is hard to clean on an initial piercing. Alright.

    Full face photos xD

    Daily Experience:

    Day 0: Got my tragus pierced! It bleed a bit and later I cleaned it with a SSS followed by antibacterial soap. Didn't hurt at all until I cleaned it. Slept on the other side, tho I tried sleeping on the tragus piercing side for a couple of minutes. Didn't hurt, I felt the pressure but I didn't want to risk it.

    Day 1: Again a pretty uneventful day. It itched for a couple of hours and I thought it was too soon. In the evening (while cleaning the piercing) I realized my piercing has moved. I took a picture and saw that it's red and dry.

    Got some random pain feelings during the day (usually right after cleaning), but mostly it was fine. I wore ear muffs for the whole (6hrs being outside in the cold) day and it was completely fine. In the evening I didn't soak it long enough so when I pushed back my barabell I could feel it being dry :(. Must not push the thing anymore!!

    Day 2: Cleaned it and moved it just fine (curiousiti is a bad thing). It looks fine, not red anymore but dry. I'm wondering if I should clean it with antibacterial soap just once daily, to not dry it out?

    I'll clean it again in the evening and try to leave it alone. I'm afraid of bumps, but I'm hoping I'll be as lucky as with my navel piercing which healed in 6 months.

    Day 3: It really seems that this one is a happy piercing! I ditched the antibacterial soap (well I wash my hands with it before I clean my piercing) and am currently using only the SSS. Will probably try with chamomille compresses but so far it's doing great. It itches randomly and deep inside so it's healing (is it?). Hopefully it will be one fast healing guy! I never caught it in my hair, even when I 'tried' to. And when it comes to washing my hair it's not problematic at all. Awesome!!
    I soaked it under the shower and when I got out it was feeling a bit dry. So I applied a bit of jojoba oil on a cotton swab and tapped it next to the hole. This way I managed to get some crusties off too! :o! Feels fine now.

    Day 4:
    Yesterday it hurt a bit for some reason. And today it randomly throbbed and itched. Hopefully it'll stop throbbing and hurting. It actually isn't real pain just feeling a bit warm/as if I got something in my ear. It's a feeling you can easily forget ^^.

    Day 4: Pretty uneventful with some itching. Cleaned it with SSS.

    Day 5: Got swollen and very itching :(. Hurt also a bit. I hit it several times by mistakes the night before.

    Day 6: Is still a bit swollen, itching. I cleaned it under the shower and crusties came off. Itched a lot.

    Day 7-8: I didn't clean it with SSS for 2 days (but I cleaned it under the shower) and I somehow bumped it several times. It got swollen and itchy, but calmed down during the evening. Today it's less swollen (1mm less, 2mm to go lol!) so there's more space left on the bar... when I cleaned it with SSS (+chamomile in it) and I tapped it dry with an cotton swab the piercing spinned around as I moved my cotton swab. It didn't hurt... and my piercing also doesn't hurt on the outside (inside is tender). Funny..

    Day 9-10: I really didn't have much time for my tragus, so some sloppy cleaning for the last two days and a SSS. I managed to bump it a couple of times in the two days and catch it in my hair. Didn't hurt, but it throbbed for a couple of seconds and now it's itching. Before that it was fine.

    Day 17: A couple of days ago I went to my piercer because the swelling doesn't want to go down. She gave me an antiseptic cream and told me to apply it after I do the sss. Luckily the bump is going away, and so is the swelling. I'm still VERY clumsy so hopefully this piercing will heal... at one point. D:

    Day 23: I got through some swelling, but now it's coming down. It doesn't itch anymore and it seems getting happier and happier. But for some odd reason the swelling is coming down REALLY slowly. Now I have about 1 mm of free space (when the swelling was at it max there was none left!) but I need to get down to 2mm of free space. I am also taking some iboprufen based pills and I'm not really sure if they are helping. But next week I'm going back to my piercer for a check up. So we'll see.

    Day 36: The swelling went off after a couple of days and everything was completely fine. No itching, no nothing. It felt healed! LOL, I know. It was perfect to be honest. Untill I slept on it for 4 consecutive days. I know.. bad. But for some reason I couldn't sleep any longer on the other side. I was trying to be careful about it, but it seems I wasn't careful enough. The swelling went up a bit, it itched but after a day or two it was fine. Because of that it's still swollen a bit (a tiny, bit that's it nothing serious) and I'm babying it again. I got some random itching the day it got swollen. I must not sleep on my tragus, I must not sleep on my tragus. Damn! Anyway... I seldom get any crusties when cleaning my piercing and it mostly feels healed (of course it's not), except when the swelling showed up again. I'm pretty sure it will go back down after a week of babying it. Other than that.. it's all good. I wanted to go back to my piercer to get it changed to a shorter bar (now I have 3mm of space left), but I'm glad I didn't. I will go back to her in a month or so, to get it changed to a shorter bar and hopefully by then there won't be any random swelling. ^^
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    Looks lovely, mine was done with a barbell as well, better for cleaning, although I wear a labret in it now no problems, it felt healed at around 7 months. I'd advise against anti bacterial soap as you're stripping all the good bacteria away that helps it to heal. Make sure you're not using too much salt and rinse it after doing a SSS so the salt doesn't dry it out. Congrats!!


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      Yay! Thank you, I'll try to clean with antibacterial soap only when necessary. I'm using a SSS that I bought, that contains 0,9% of NaCl. This is my first 'follow your instinct' piercing. I also couldn't find much helpful information online.. so I was a bit worried becase I wasn't over-prepared for it (as with all my other piercings) xD.


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        Ditch the anti bac soap, it will never need it as it needs to good bacteria to heal, the soaks will be enough.


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          Thank you! ^^ I really dislike using the antibacterial soap anyway. It also dried my skin on the face, so I think it's very strong o.O


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            Yeah it's very harsh stuff. I hope it heals well for you!


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              Thank you Hazel.^^
              I hope it goes well too.. after all it's my first cartilage piercings and I've read so many horror stories about those..


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                Yeah they can be a pain but perseverance is the key and knowing you may have to baby it for a lonnnng time. But you know that anyway x


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                  Congratulations on your piercing Hyades. Nice choice of jewellery too, love the colour of the gems on the black ball.


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                    Thank you Morph ^^!
                    It's so interesting that even those who don't like piercings love this one !


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                      Looks great and I love the jewelry!


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                        The green sparkly ball is so nice!


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                          Thanks guys! I love everything sparkly ^^.


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                            Ooooh. now that is one pretty shiny! Hope it's healing well


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                              Ooooh I love that ball! I might have to go hunt some down for myself.. and I'm so jealous of people who said their tragus didn't hurt - mine did :( and it was sore for a couple of weeks after too...

                              good luck, looks awesome.