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Tragus - third time lucky or admit defeat?

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  • Tragus - third time lucky or admit defeat?

    Hey all.

    I have had both traguses (tragi??) pierced in the past. The first - right ear - was years ago, never healed as it had a hoop put in it straight after piercing and I eventually gave up.

    Second attempt, left ear - had this done just over a year ago. Had a titanium labret bar in it. It looked ok to start with but kept knocking it etc and it never settled but I persevered. I eventually went back to the piercers after a year and got them to change it for a slightly shorter titanium labret bar with a flat star on the end rather than a ball in the hope itíd get knocked/caught in my hair less. For a while it seemed better but then one day flared up, big red bump that started bleeding etc. I ended up (stupidly) taking the labret barbel out, thinking I would order a bioplast one from here and put that in myself instead, but over the next couple of days while waiting for my order it basically closed up :(

    I called the piercer and explained and they told me I now have to wait at least 6 weeks before getting it re-done, they also told me they wouldnít be able to put in a bioplast bar I bought myself and as far as I can tell they donít offer jewellery made of this or anything similar.

    what do you think? Should I bother trying again and if so should I try another piercer? This one has a very good reputation but I wonder if I should find somewhere that would put a bioplast bar in for me? Or do you think it has less to do with the jewellery material and more to do with the fact my traguses just donít want to be pierced?!

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    Hi MissMurder

    Sorry, I am replying from my tablet and not good with it. Sorry, you are having problems. I have had an experience myself with Tragusí. First one was a nightmare and you will most probably find a post or two of me moaning about it on here. It did give up being a pain and finally healed two years later.

    Then I really don't know why but as soon at it healed I went and had a double Tragus on the other ear. That was a nightmare as well. Long story short within nine months the bottom one rejected and the top one would not heal. I got my piercer to take it out in end and to wait until six months to re-pierce. The dents it left behind and it feels funny so, I decided to leave it alone. It is not worth it and as you know they can be difficult to heal.

    Piercerís wonít pierce or rather they shouldnít pierce with bio plast. I have had it changed in the past to bio plast half way through healing. But, they are a last resort and not a long term thing.
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