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    Morning, I use labret posts as earrings as I don't like the butterfly ones as I manage to catch them etc... I managed to get hold of some that had a smaller end to the post and wanted to change them today - my ears need a really good clean as well. I usually get in bit of a tizzy when I change them. So, I stayed relaxed and for love of money these will not undo. Well, I got one undone but, I have quite a few to do. I have tried a little piercing oil (which, I didn't really want to do) should they had been gunged up and also vinyl gloves (I have not got any rubber gloves at the mo). I still cannot get the balls off. Tried clamping with tweezers etc... I have to now admit I cannot cope with them. Could anyone one here say that the push type are any good? Are they cope-able?

    Sorry, to go on but, trying not to be upset. I think I will be going to my piercers sooner than I think. lol....... Are the push type easy to find online etc...? - Many thanks!
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