Day 32

Healing is still going great. I've noticed that within the last couple of days that I don't have any gooey discharge. I've developed a fleshy skin "tag" on my inner lip. But I had one develop on my Philtrum piercing as well. So I don't know if it's "normal" for fleshy type piercings. I still have the original jewelry in. It's fine for the most part but at times it is too long. Only a few times have it got caught on my teeth while eating. But I've never given it a good yank that can cause any damage. I just am careful when eating big bites of food. Laying in certain positions can be "difficult" cause it bangs/rests against my teeth. But not more sore gums. Some lingering soreness on my lower lip below the piercing and when eating certain items. I've currently given up in using chapstick and switched to either lip balm tube or pot. Ive worn lipstick once or twice and the piercing pops.