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Thread: Migraines

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    Glad you go to hospital and a have decent Consultant. I am on max dose medication and it does help - I didn't go to hospital with mine - I don't think I would want to here. I have only had about 3 migraines since the Daith's. I cannot get rid of aura's though. I still get headaches but, not as many. You have nothing to lose - I agree with you. It is a shame you had to take your Daith out. I am glad you are thinking of trying it again though.

    Hope that it helps you!
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    I have to say, my NOSE piercing helped with my headaches and migraines , it must have triggered a nerve that released the tension.

    i used to have daily headaches but for the last 2 weeks since I got my nose done I've only had 2!

    I wouldnt recommend to get it to help with headaches, it's just a bonus!
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    I'm glad to hear that for some of you a piercingdid seem to do the trick!
    Personally though getting a piercing isn't something I would try for my migraines. Now there's also the problem that I can't get a daith on my left ear anymore because of a big conch punch that will be in the way. But the main reason is that a lot of my problems seem to be coming from my neck and shoulder muscles (plus I personally don't get piercings I don't want, even if they can help with something.) I'm going to a neurologist now to see what else we can do and he brought me back to the meds. Even though I already tried that stuff and my body just doesn't react well to them. And he ignores the research from the physiotherapist and chiropractor who say that my neck is also related. So I'll see how we end up I guess..

    Anyhow I'm happy that it works for some of you and hope that others will also find something that works for them! Living with that shit for 13 years in which they only get worse and people don't know what to do to help you.. That's not something I wish on anyone.
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