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    Default 8mm :)

    Hey! I no longer have stretched ears so unfortunately have no use for these pretties

    I am awful at buying jewellery for myself and dont know what half of the things mean but i have gone through purchase history and found as much information as possible. Please ask if you have any questions and hopefully someone who knows more than me will come and answer it ahah!

    Everything is 8mm and price includes postage

    Pair of Custom Frozen Fire pixie stix dichro on black - SOLD

    Pair of Green dichro glass DF plugs -8
    (super glittery looking but hard to photograph)

    Single (1 only) Galaxy DF glass plug with blue/purple (changes in the light and is incredibly hard to photograph) - 4

    All pairs
    Light blue glass - 4
    Acrylic owls - 3
    Acrylic red flowers * - 3
    Acrylic silver jewelled tunnels* - 4
    Acrylic pink jewelled tunnels* - 4
    Acrylic shattered white/black effect **- 3
    DF Silicone pink tunnel - 2
    The black tunnels are not for sale. Sorry wore them a lot and doesnt feel right.

    * Stock photos so you can see the back. Super double flared? I dont know what you call them

    **Better photo to show pattern
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