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    Quote Originally Posted by fishnetfreud View Post
    Why not Cold Steel?
    Because Reka is at HTP is a million times better. You've got the choice, why not go for those who are the best?
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    Sure, I was just asking I'm not from London (or even the UK) so I don't know either one of the places. I saw some positive reviews of Cold Steel and thought I might go there, but that was just because I hadn't heard of Hell to Pay.

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    Cold Steel earned their reputation about 10 years ago as being a highly professional and competent studio, over the years the staff has changed a number of times and now they're just a factory line of piercers that are less likely to offer any kind of personal service.

    Reka started Hell To Pay after working at another studio in Camden and not liking the direction most of the studios up there were taking up there with that same in-pierce-out attitude, they're far more personable and friendly and do some really nice work.

    I'd like to plug my own studio but I certainly wont be open in the next couple days which looks like it wont tie in with your plans if you're not from round here.

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    I'm glad you're sharing this. Otherwise I would've gone to Cold Steel. But not anymore.

    I'm only in London from Tuesday to Sunday. It would have been cool to meet somebody from here though When do you open?

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    Oh, by the way... How much does it cost to get a third eye piercing at HTP?

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    I hope to be open in a week or two, depends what the council say when i meet with them this week coming.

    As for how much it is, I think dermals run 35 or 40 up there, it's been a while since i worked in Camden so don't remember off the top of my head.

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    Bad timing, otherwise I would have liked to come to you.

    Okay, that's a little bit cheaper than here in Denmark, I think. So that's good.

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    Not to worry.

    If you do see Reka tell her that Darren, a guy opening a studio called Valhalla in Bromley, recommended you, she wont know me but if you go on to mention i'm friends with Laura it might ring a bell, and if that doesn't then go on to say I know Jesse, Susanna and Paul over at Scratchline Tattoo then she'll have an idea of who I am.

    It won't get you a discount, it's just scary how many people in common me and Reka know without actually being close acquaintances ourselves.

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    I'll see if I can remember all that

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