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Thread: Tattooing over the scar of a rejected piercing?

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    Default Tattooing over the scar of a rejected piercing?

    Ok, so first a bit of background info... I got my lower navel pierced when I was 18, it was my first ďproperĒ body piercing, I loved it and it was the piercing that infected me with the piercing bug. Over two years later I was playing with my boyfriendís nieces (it was a bit rough and tumble) and the bar got twisted round so it was curving outwards instead of inwards, I twisted it back and it seemed fine for a couple of days but then the skin went shiny, the piercing hole red and dry etc. etc. and I took it out. I was absolutely gutted, really really upset. I waited over six months and got it re-done and this time to be honest I was a bit paranoid about it, always cleaning it and prodding it to check it was ok, not surprising it started to reject again.

    Then I waited about another year and decided to give it one last go, went to a different piercer who I felt knew exactly what they were doing and talked to me about slightly deeper placement etc. and I loved it. Note the past tense. Last night I removed it, it wasnít rejecting in the same way as before but there was a red lump between the piercing holes that was shiny to begin with and then the skin went dry and hard. I thought maybe it was several things apart from rejection Ė but I think it just looked different to before. Either way it didnít look good, and Iím going to have to accept Iím better without it. I was so careful with it, no touching or prodding, just the right amount of cleaning, didnít change the bar from the initial titanium one, wore loose clothing, took zinc tablets. I feel devastated, and I know how melodramatic that sounds!

    My boyfriend doesnít understand Ė but Iím hoping people on here will. That piercing was a part of me, it was my favourite for psychological reasons as well as for cosmetic. Now comes the reason Iím posting this in a tattoo forum Ė I feel I need to tattoo over the scar (which to be honest isnít that bad, at the minute obviously itís a bit pink as I only removed it last night but Iíve always removed it before the scars gotten too bad) partly as closure for myself and partly to stop myself wanting to pierce it again. I want to like looking at my stomach again! Could anyone advise me how long I will need to wait before getting inked? And what sort of colours would work best? Thanks, would appreciate any help.
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    I don't have any advice for you (sorry hopefully it's okay for me to reply anyway!) but I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences! I know how attached you can get to a piercing and how devastating it can be to have to remove it. Hopefully your quest will be successful and you can find some closure! I think getting a tattoo over your scar sounds like a really creative idea.
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