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    Default How long can i leave my Monroe Piercing out before it heals?. PLEASE READ.

    I have had my monroe piercing for nearly ten years now. and i need to go into hospital for surgery which they tell me i have to remove body piercing before the operation. The operation will take about 3-4 hours. What are my chances of being able to put it back in after surgery?. or will it heal?..

    If it heals will it be possible to re pierce in the same place?.

    thanks for advice guys.

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    There's not going to be any set timeframe for this, everyone is different. What I suggest is that you try it out, leave it out for an hour and see how it goes, then if all is fine, leave it out for 2 then 3 etc
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    I would say you should be OK - I have only had mine pierced for 4 yrs are have had mine out for months now and can still get jewellery in - but I was pierced at 1.6 mm and now can only fit 1 mm comfortabley.

    So I would suggest a taper might be useful - so its your pierced at 1.6 mm grab a 1.6 mm taper - that way if the fistula does close up a bit you can easily get your jewellery back in.
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    A 10 year old piercing should be fairly tough, I know when I took my Labret out which I'd had for about 12 years it didn't close fully for ages. Even now after about 2 years of no jewellery in it it's still "half" open. Yes you could have it re pierced in the same spot if the need be. Keep saying I'm going to re open mine, it's just getting round to it

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    I'd ask 'em for some more detail on having to remove body jewellery - if you ask, they may let you put a retainer in it. If you've had it for that long I'd have thought it would stay open for a few hours though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjs View Post
    I'd ask 'em for some more detail on having to remove body jewellery - if you ask, they may let you put a retainer in it. If you've had it for that long I'd have thought it would stay open for a few hours though.
    I was thinking this. If it's for scans like CT or MRI it's only metal jewellery that poses a real problem. However if it's surgery on your mouth I imagine a piercing would get in the way, retainer or not.

    I imagine it would stay open for that long after it being that healed, but I'm told oral piercings are notorious for closing fast. Might be an idea to get a hold of some thin jewellery for afterwards just in case. If it's that old you can always stretch it back up.
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    definitely worth asking about using a retainer if possible. Although you've had it a long time, and my instinct is that it will be ok, all piercings are different just like all people and there's really no way of being sure without trying beforehand.
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    I've had my labret for about 9 years and have only removed it when I really had to. I was bridesmaid yesterday and had to remove it. I took it out at the last minute and went about 3 hours before I had a chance to put the stem back in for a moment to open it up. Didn't look very lady like - me regularly inserting it but the inside had begun to close slightly. As soon as photos were done it was back in.
    You could maybe explain to the docs about the bioflex type retainers. Maybe even print out some info to show them. They might just not be aware of them.

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    I've never taken mine out but my friend had his out for about an hour and it closed, this was a lower lip piercing though idk if that makes a difference?
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    What sort of surgery? Often jewellery must be 'removed or taped' simply to stop it from getting lost and the hospital being liable; however as it's in your mouth, if they anaesthetise you i guess the big issue is that a ball COULD come off and become a choking hazard and nobody would know because you're anaesthetised.

    Regarding scans; retainers are ok, but if they're goin to be in the shot you WILL be asked to retain them as they still show up.
    To be honest you might be better seeing what the docs say and trying a BCR than a retainer. Or removing it and seeing what happens...
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