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Thread: One side of lower lips is larger than the other?

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    Default One side of lower lips is larger than the other?

    I have had snakebites for about 5 weeks now and I've been doing quite well with taking care of them. Only thing I'm starting to notice is that one side of my lower lips is larger than the other. i'm not sure if this is swelling because they feel quite normal. Maybe my lips are uneven making them look that way?

    quite noticeable here:

    almost unnoticeable here:

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    Get some labret studs in those piercings - it'll make for much easier healing. It could be swelling from irritation caused by the movement of the rings.

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    I was thinking that too, it just looks like swelling. Put some studs in and they should heal a lot better.
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    Rings are terrible to try and heal around as they drag crusties and other nasties into the wound and they move around a lot - causing irritation and damage to the delicate healing tissue trying to form your piercing hole for you. All this irritation and damage makes your body think of the piercing as a threat which it should push out as soon as possible rather than something its ok to heal around!

    As for why its more swollen on one side than the other - it could be that is the side you sleep on and the pressure from your head / the way the blood pools as you sleep makes it more swollen on that side

    A good sea salt soak with some chamomile tea in the water should help to soothe the piercing and make it a bit less swollen (As will anti-inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen if you are ok to take them) but ideally you should consider getting a piercer to put in some sterile titanium labrets for your healing process to help it along!
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