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Thread: Lip Piercings and problems with cold sores

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    Basicially I have no piercings but now that I've left school I've decided I want my lip pierced but problem is, I sometimes get cold sores (not exactly often but a bit more than occsionally) So I'm wondering if anyone else with a lip piercing also gets cold sores and if it has affected them at all? Or if anyone knows if it's not reccomended to get a lip piercing if you suffer from cold sores?


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    well if your cold sores appear more often on a particular side of your mouth, you may consider having the other side pierced.. the bummer is that if you do have an outbreak on the fresh piercing (a) it will hurt like a motherfucker and (b) you'd be advised to keep the piercing hole free of the medication as to not further irritate it... although maybe sea salt soaks would actually help the coldsore? i don't have the herpes virus though, so i really don't know much about coldsores.. sorry i'm no help :P
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    cold sores tend to be not far from the lip. my reccomendation is to use aloe when they start to appear. I tend to get them on the corners of my mouth, and having snakebites (lower lip), it doesnt effect me. if you get an upper lip piercing (monroe, angel bites) It may be more of a risk due to the upper lip common shape tends to have the sore more past the edge of the lip rather than appearing at the edge of the lip. you can get a lip piercing if it has distance (atleast 2 mm from the lip) is larger from the lip, but that can also depend on the face shape and lip shape. I reccomend a monroe

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    I have the same problem, and I was prescribed a medicine for it by my doctor that's really, really strong. You use it the day you start feeling the small internal bump of warmness/inflammation and it dries it from the inside out before it can surface. Have you talked to your doc about that yet? It could really help with making the lip piercing easier to wear.

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    These have all been really helpful Thank you.

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