Hey, I had my PA redone about two months ago, and the exit hole's a little red still. It's also developed a little bump at the front of the exit hole. I can only assume it's a little lump of scar tissue, it's very firm and hard. It doesn't cause any discomfort, but the area's a little tender.

I have a 22mm CBR in it at the moment, and it's at 3.2mm (the gauge at which it was pierced.) I'm thinking the ring's a little tight, seeing as the 'scarring' is on the inside, and it also seems to pull a little on the meatus.

I was wondering what you guys would suggest to help alleviate the problem- I stopped doing seasalt soaks a few weeks ago as suggested by my aftercare instructions, but perhaps I should start again? I'm also thinking about changing the ring, but I'm not sure if bigger is the way to go. The next size up is 25mm which is a fair jump, and who am I to know that it won't cause more problems?:P

If a photo'd help I'm hapopy to oblige. I can't really go to my piercer because I live over 100 miles out=\

Sorry for going on a bit, and thanks!