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Thread: Raised white circle surrounding my tongue piercing

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    Default Raised white circle surrounding my tongue piercing

    I just got my piercing a week or so ago. And it pussed and bleed for a couple days. But the swelling of my tongue was not that much I dont think, plus I took ibuprofen, but now the tongue tissue around my piercing is a white color- much like the oozing material from when I got it first pierced (but I was told by people that that was fairly normal and part of the healing process). Is it infected? Is it a sign of a keloid or a hypertrophic scar?!

    Also. I have been using Cepacol to clean my tongue/rinse my mouth. And one piercer told me that I should use a sea salt spray but another said because its not an external piercing that may not be a good idea. Anybody with a tongue piercing that has an opinion on this?

    I'm thinking of just removing my tongue piercing. But I'm afraid that the white circle around the piercing could be a sign of something and if I let the piercing close up it will scar and/or there will be an extra sensitive bump on my tongue. Anybody have any advice?

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    I'm not sure what Cepacol is but use an alcohol-free mouthwash a couple of times a day and it should be fine. It's perfectly normal to get white rings of skin around the piercing, and also for your tongue to get a manky coating on it while it heals. A lot of the problems will improve when you have the bar downsized.
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    You shouldn't be using Cepacol. It contains 14% alcohol. Go for an alcohol-free mouthwash or just rinse your mouth with a sea salt mix after everything you eat.

    A white ring around the tongue is normal so no worries. Just keep it clean and it should be fine.

    PS: From personal experience, sea salt rinses work really well to keep it from becoming infected and what-not; once you get it downsized (maybe on the 4 week mark) alot of the problems will improve and/or disappear.

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